Welcome to Koalix CRM’s documentation!

Koalix CRM - Beautiful CRM/ERP for small business


This project is currently in alpha phase and not recommended for productive use!


Koalix CRM provides following benefits:

  • Clear and beautiful user interface:

    Koalix CRM provides an beautiful and easy to use graphical user interface with a lot of nice features

  • Easily create your own templates for PDF export:

    You can easily create your own templates since it’s just HTML

  • Excellent workflow:

    All important features just one click away

  • User management:

    Create and manage user accounts, groups and permissions

  • Fully integrated CMS:

    You can add wikis, blogs, galleries, ...

  • Ready for webshop:

    You want to start a webshop? Integrate easily in KoalixCRM

  • Multiple translations:

    Currently available translations:

    • English
    • German

    Upcoming translations:

    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • French


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